April 9 is Interfaith Call-in Day to Prevent Gun Violence


Tomorrow – April 9 – call your Senators and insist that they act to prevent gun violence.

While I know that there are differences in preferred policies among Episcopalians, I believe that all of us can agree that we need to take a meaningful stand against gun violence in our country.

For background, you can read the recent statements from the House of Bishops, House of Deputies President/Vice President Executive Council, and the Presiding Bishop on gun violence.

When you call your Senators, let them know that you are calling as a member of the faith community, and emphasize those policies that you support.

You can go to http://www.faithscalling.org or share the Facebook event to get call-in details and spread the word.

You can also text FAITHSCALLING to 877877 for a reminder.

An Especially Meaningful Stations of the Cross

CoverPromotionHolyWeekWitnessYou may have seen this release yesterday from the Episcopal Church’s Office of Public Affairs:

On Monday, March 25 at 10:30 am Eastern, more than 20 Episcopal bishops from throughout the church will lead hundreds of clergy and lay people in praying the Stations of the Cross in Washington, DC, as they process along Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the U. S. Capitol to challenge violence, especially the epidemic of gun violence that claims so many thousands of American lives each year. Read the full release.

Many of the bishops participating in the event are part of Episcopalians Against Gun Violence, an ad hoc group of bishops, clergy and lay people of Episcopalians who are working, collectively and individually, to curb gun violence.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to join in this especially meaningful liturgy and am grateful to the Diocese of Connecticut for sharing this Stations of the Cross service with the wider church. You can find it online here.

Please join me this Holy Week in lifting up prayers for those impacted by gun violence and for our policymakers as they pursue peace.

I wish you a blessed Holy Week.

Take Action: Break the cycle of gun violence

EPPNBy now you have probably seen Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s Call to Action on gun violence. If not, you will find it on the Episcopal Generations blog.

In her statement, the Presiding Bishop asks members of the United States Episcopal Church to spread this message by all means of communication – social media, word-of-mouth, church announcements, email, and the good old fashioned phone call to members of Congress. (Find out who your member of Congress is here.)

You are also encouraged to take the Pledge to Break the Cycle of Gun Violence, which states:

As an Episcopalian committed in baptism to seeking justice and peace and promoting the dignity of every human being, I commit to being part of the solution to the violence in our culture that claimed the lives of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School and that claims the lives of 2000 innocent children through gun crimes each year. I commit to the pursuit of laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals, prioritize the needs of at-risk children, provide care for mental illness, and address the many ways in which our culture both celebrates and trivializes violence. I commit to holding my lawmakers, my community, and my own household accountable. I commit to accomplishing these things in 2013. I commit to being the change we need.

Whether you’re a layperson, a deacon, a priest, or a bishop, there’s a role for you in breaking the cycle of gun violence.

I urge you to take this simple step now.