Discerning Christian Vocation with Youth Across Europe

Mission MondaysRecently I had the pleasure of joining the youth ministers and young people of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe for their annual youth events. For many years they have been convening teenagers for Youth Across Europe (YAE) during Ascension week. Recently they added a program for 10-13 year olds called Juniors Across Europe (JAE). Both of these events included youth and adults from several of the parishes and missions in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. [Read more…]

3 Days of Urban Mission: Engaging mission in the heart of the city

Mission MondaysThe Episcopal Youth Event 2014 (EYE14) is one month away and our Mission Planning Team is working diligently to be sure we are creating a dynamic, meaningful event for participants.

Following EYE14, more than 300 are staying over in Philadelphia to engage mission in the field through 3 Days of Urban Mission. The majority of 3 Days of Urban Mission volunteers will lodge at the University of Pennsylvania in inner-city Philadelphia. About 60 additional volunteers will be housed at the Episcopal Mission Center, managed by the Diocese of Pennsylvania. [Read more…]

Join Me in Praying and Working for Justice for Children

Mission MondaysSo many of us continue to be haunted by the violence involving children that has been dominating the news in the past few months. From the sinking of the South Korean ferry, to the lost wreckage of Malaysian flight 370, to the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls, we are reminded now more than ever that our world continues to be an unjust and unsafe place for many children, especially girls. [Read more…]

Where are you in Mission this summer?

Mission MondaysAs summer approaches, Episcopal youth groups and faith communities will surely be spreading out across the church on mission experiences and pilgrimages.

Is your group engaging a mission experience or pilgrimage this summer?If so, we would love to know where you are going and what you might be doing so that we can lift up your ministry and keep you in our prayers. [Read more…]

Commissioning Youth to Enter the Mission Field

Mission MondaysIn just a month or two, many youth programs will be embarking on mission experiences throughout The Episcopal Church.

For each Mission Team, an important element of preparation is commissioning from the wider community. Both for the missionaries and for the sending congregation, it is important to remember that this team is being sent to represent the community. Therefore, they need to be prayerfully and intentionally commissioned by the community to go forth in their name. [Read more…]