Episcopal Youth in Mission Manual

Welcome to the Episcopal Youth in Mission Manual.

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Mission is at the very heart of who we are as Christians. It is through mission that we understand the way in which God calls each one of us individually and communally to live and act in this world. The authors of this Manual believe that mission experiences, cultural immersion opportunities, and pilgrimages are integral components of Christian faith formation.

Core Values of This Manual

Attitudes and practices related to mission and service have changed considerably in recent years, shifting away from “doing to” or “doing for” toward “doing with” or “being with.”  The core values and operational principles underlying this manual reflect these shifts as related to mission experiences, cultural immersion opportunities, and pilgrimages.

Be forewarned: “doing with” and “being with” call for a bigger personal commitment than simply doing a job for someone or visiting a religious shrine. But they also lead to richer, more rewarding experiences.  To achieve that end, this manual stresses that your trip:

  • Be clearly defined as a experience based in spiritual practice on the understanding of our faith through our Baptismal promises, and on the hallmarks of mission as outlined in the Five Marks of Mission.
  • Respect the dignity and integrity of every community and individual by being open to diverse cultural expressions and/or by allowing community partners to define their own needs and assets for meeting those needs;
  • Emphasize a mutual relationship between people rather than simply observing, working for, or serving another;
  • Be focused (in work-related trips) on sustainable development and possibly systemic change in addition to single acts of isolated kindness;
  • Involve a significant time and energy commitment in spiritual, emotional, and practical preparation and community building among missioners as well as appropriate follow-up and follow-through when the trip is done.

This Manual is intended to facilitate this process of bringing mission into the center of the faith community. It is organized around the Five Marks of Mission and centered on our uniquely Episcopal understanding of call as found in the Baptismal Covenant.