EYE14 Information for Bishops

Greetings Bishop!

Preparations for the Episcopal Youth Event are at full tilt this month as our staff and volunteers continue to make sure all of the details are being tended. Registration on campus begins at 1 pm on Wednesday, July 9, and will continue until we have the last folks in dorms and accounted for that night. Please understand that our main priority that day is to welcome over 800 youth and 300 adults to our event. The following instructions should be helpful to you and for those of us waiting to welcome you, too.

Most bishops are registered to stay at the Villanova Conference Center, which is located approximately one mile from the main campus. As this facility does not have a safe sidewalk connecting it to the campus, we will be running shuttles in the mornings and evenings back and forth for your convenience. Your breakfast will be available at the conference center in the mornings and your lunch and dinner with be with the larger group in the campus cafeteria. If you do not plan to rent your own vehicle at the airport, please proceed to the baggage claim area and seek out the helpful Episcopalians with signs looking for all of our arrivals. They will direct you to a charter motor coach that will bring you to campus for registration where you can then catch a shuttle to your lodging. It would be tremendously helpful if you would send us your itinerary if you would like to catch a ride with us from the airport. If you registered to stay off campus at the Radnor Hotel, or have made other arrangements, we still need you to check in at the main registration upon your arrival to get your credentials and parking permit at the Pavilion Lobby. Those of you traveling with and/or chaperoning your youth should simply stay with your group. Your registrar/logistics person will have your travel instructions. We are still waiting for some dioceses to weigh in so we can complete our airport transport schedule.

The most important thing you can do at EYE is be with the young people, especially those of your diocese.

If you have not yet signed your Certification of the Adults traveling with your youth to assure us that they have been appropriately background checked and safeguarding trained, please do so immediately. The form is found here: http://episcoyouth.org/episcopal-youth-event-eye/eye-resources/.

We also provide opportunities for you to serve in other leadership capacities and invite you to consider the following.

Liturgies and Worship

  • Thursday Morning at 9:00 a.m. we will have our Opening Eucharist.  All Bishop’s are invited to vest in rochet and chimere and process, be seated on the stage, and assist us in serving communion.
  • Saturday Evening at 8:00 p.m. we will be having our Closing Eucharist and Commissioning as we send people forward in mission and on their journey from EYE.  All Bishops are invited to vest in rochet and chimere and process, be seated on the stage, and assist us in serving communion.  We will also be doing the Renewal of our Baptismal Vows and invite you to assist us in asperging the congregation.

Helping as a Chaplain
We would love to invite you to participate in our Chapel program as a chaplain. Each day during free time and meals, we will be offering quiet and reflective space in the Chapel for meditation and prayer. During Chapel times, we would love to have 2-3 chaplains present to pray, be available for pastoral care as needed, and be the non-anxious presence for our participants at the event. If you are interested in serving as a chaplain in the chapel. Please contact Abi Moon at abigailmoon@gmail.com or Randy Callender at randycallender@yahoo.com for more information.

The Schedule is NOT being released publicly ahead of time as we are still working out details. It will be available on the EYE App which is now available for Android and iPhone. You can find links to the App and more general EYE information here at Episcoyouth.org. It will also be available in your registration packet. Below is the schedule framework that we are using.

  • 7/9 Wednesday – Registration begins at 1 pm  – Optional activities include Exhibit Hall and alternative Evening Worship after dinner. Great time to spend exploring campus with your youth and getting to know one another.
  • 7/10 Thursday  – Morning will be our opening Celebration of Holy Eucharist with festive procession of spectacularly adorned bishops in rochet and chimere. Workshops and forums will take place throughout the day and there will be an evening plenary session.
  • 7/11 Friday – Pilgrimage to Philly to learn about our collective heritage at nationally and religiously significant sites that also highlight issues of equality and justice (civil rights movement, women’s movement, etc.).   There will be a Philly Cheesesteak picnic at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Evening Prayer with the Presiding Bishop that evening back on campus. We ask that you ride the motor coaches with your youth delegation.
  •  7/12 Saturday – Morning plenary, afternoon workshops, and closing and commissioning at Celebration of Holy Eucharist that evening after supper.
  • 7/13 Sunday – Travel day – many headed to inner city Philadelphia for 3 Days of Urban Mission or headed home.

Any questions about logistics and registration should be directed to Valerie Harris at vharris@episcopalchurch.org and questions about program content and timing should be directed to Bronwyn Clark Skov at bskov@episcopalchurch.org