Lent Madness Saints

For All the Saints!

Who are the saints and why does it matter? We’ll talk about some of the inspirational men and women our church holds up as saints. What might cause the church to remember people in our time? (Hint: it’s usually the rabble-rousers who become known as saints.) Come explore saints past, present, and future with the two priests behind Lent Madness — where holy Lenten devotion meets cutthroat competition, and where 100,000 people vote for their favorite saints.

The Rev. Tim Schenck is rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hingham, MA. He blogs at clergyconfidential.blogspot.com and you can find him on Twitter @fathertim. The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn is executive director of Forward Movement in Cincinnati, OH. He blogs at www.sevenwholedays.org and he tweets @scottagunn.