EYE14 Registration Deadline is Saturday March 15

eye_logoSaturday, March 15, is the deadline for diocesan delegations to register their high school participants and adult leaders for the 2014 Episcopal Youth Event (EYE14). All identified diocesan registrars received the registration link in January and via a reminder email earlier this week.

As of the end of the day on Thursday, March 13, we have 57 dioceses registered totaling 748 participants for the main event. We have just 50 spaces left for 3 Days of Urban Mission following EYE14. [Read more…]

Report from EYE14 Liturgy and Music Committee

eye_logoHello all!

I am Lillian Hardaway from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina and I am honored to be serving on EYE14 Mission Planning Team. Specifically, I am serving on the Liturgy and Music Committee.  We are busily preparing for the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE14), which is coming up in just five short months! [Read more…]

EYE14 Pre-Conference to be Hosted by Diversity and Ethnic Ministries Team

eye_logoIn order to be intentional about supporting and fostering cultural and ethnic diversity at the triennial Episcopal Youth Event (EYE14), the Ethnic Missioners from the Diversity and Ethnic Ministries Team are hosting a pre-conference where registered EYE14 participants from diocesan delegations may arrive early to build relationships with their peers and leaders. [Read more…]

Still Fine Tuning the EYE14 Registration Process

eye_logoGreetings in Epiphany!

Today is the much anticipated day that we planned to open registration for the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE14) and 3 Days of Urban Mission. We are still working on some technical glitches in the registration software in an effort to make the process as simple as possible for diocesan registrars.

Sometime in the next 72 hours each registrar will receive an official invitation to the registration process. We anticipate having registration open this week through March 15, unless we reach lodging capacity before March 15. In that event, we will close registration and notify any remaining dioceses that we are full, and we will see if it’s possible to negotiate alternative lodging sites close to the Villanova campus.

All registrars should take this opportunity to review the registration guidelines (which can be found by clicking here) and double-check that they have completed forms for each attendee. Those forms are available here and will need to be forwarded and completed electronically. Instructions about uploading these forms will be in the registration confirmation email that is auto generated at the end of each registration process. That email will also provide deposit and payment information.

The ethnic missioners representing our Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American/Indigenous populations will be hosting an EYE14 Pre-Conference for youth of these constituencies. If you would like more information about this opportunity, please contact me directly for more information at bskov@episcopalchurch.org.

I do apologize for our delay and trust that you understand it is in your best interest that we continue the fine-tuning of our registration process before we go live. We are ever so close to being ready and appreciate your prayers, patience, and cooperation.



Registration Guidelines for EYE14


I am writing this blog post on the train to Philadelphia with several adult members of our Episcopal Youth Event 2014 (EYE14) Mission Planning Team to tour our event venue, Villanova University, and potential mission experience sites for 3 Days of Urban Mission. Accompanying me are Shannon Kelly, Wendy Johnson and Cookie Cantwell, along with Province IV’s Beth Crow and our a/v contractor Neal Wallace.

As a reminder, registration for EYE14 and 3 Days of Urban Mission opens on January 6, 2014 and will be online only. Only Diocesan Registrars will have access to this online registration site. Each diocese may register a maximum of 30 total participants, including up to 24 high-school-aged youth. Eligible youth must be enrolled in 9th, 10th, 11th , or 12th grade during the 2013-2014 school year.

Read through the following documents for more details:

Release forms:

As always, please contact me or Valerie Harris if you have any questions or need additional information.

Advent blessings,