Discerning Christian Vocation with Youth Across Europe

Mission MondaysRecently I had the pleasure of joining the youth ministers and young people of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe for their annual youth events. For many years they have been convening teenagers for Youth Across Europe (YAE) during Ascension week. Recently they added a program for 10-13 year olds called Juniors Across Europe (JAE). Both of these events included youth and adults from several of the parishes and missions in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. [Read more…]

Commissioning Youth to Enter the Mission Field

Mission MondaysIn just a month or two, many youth programs will be embarking on mission experiences throughout The Episcopal Church.

For each Mission Team, an important element of preparation is commissioning from the wider community. Both for the missionaries and for the sending congregation, it is important to remember that this team is being sent to represent the community. Therefore, they need to be prayerfully and intentionally commissioned by the community to go forth in their name. [Read more…]

The 5 Core Values of an Episcopal Mission Experience or Pilgrimage

Mission MondaysToday’s guest blogger is Wendy Johnson. Wendy serves as the social media consultant for the Office of Formation and Vocations, is working closely with the Episcopal Youth Event Mission Planning Team, and helping to organize 3 Days of Urban Mission. Along with Cookie Cantwell, Beth Crow and myself, she is one of the primary developers of the Episcopal Youth in Mission Manual. She, Cookie, and Beth are collaborators in Inspiring Mission. [Read more…]

Missionaries Sent by Christ

Mission MondaysToday’s d365 devotional, written by Neil Myer, focuses on the transformation that happens during mission experiences.

Commissioning services at the start of the journey both ritualize the transformative process and reinforce the participation of the entire community.

The Episcopal Youth in Mission Manual, now in draft form, embraces the importance of commissioning and offers several sample services from Episcopal communities and organizations.

As you prepare for mission this summer, how is your community blessing and sending your missionaries? Have you written a particular service or prayer of commissioning?

Please share your original work in the comments if you are open to other communities adopting (and adapting) your work for use in their context.


Discerning Your Mission Experience or Pilgrimage Site

Mission Mondays

You know you are called to a Mission Experience or Pilgrimage….but where?

Knowing where to serve can be one of the most daunting aspects of planning. Either the scope of the mission field can feel overwhelming or the finding the right location can seem impossible. [Read more…]