Workshops: Saturday, 1:30 pm

Backyard Broadcast Sex Trafficking

Leader: Madison Palmer
Location: Mendel 256

Come and See the New Honduras – “When Helping Hurts”

Leader: Lura Kaval
Location: White 221

Correcting the Lenses of the Past: Discovering Ourselves Today

Leader: Bradley Hauff
Location: Bartley 2074

Energizers: How and Why

Leader: Marilyn Werst
Location: Dougherty East Lounge

Episcopal Polity and Governance

Leader: Gay Jennings / Mark Hollingsworth
Location: Mendel 102

Episcopal Service Corps: Tying Faith & Service Together

Leader: Amity Carrubba
Location: Jbarry 201B

Feeding the 5001: Jesus as a leader of leaders

Leader: Matt Marino
Location: Jbarry 201A

God’s Call After High School

Leader: Mike Angell
Location: Jbarry 211

Helping Teens Connect their Faith to their Day to Day Lives

Leader: Holly Stoner
Location: White 218

If You Really Knew Me

Leader: Eric Travis
Location: Bartley 2073

Inspiring Mission

Leader: Beth Crow, Wendy Johnson, Cookie Cantwell
Location: Bartley 027A

iPrayer Playlist

Leader: Jamey Graves
Location: Farley 108

Irish Dancing:Identity and Culture in Movement

Leader: Allison Duvall
Location: Garey 10A

Leading Song

Leader: Charles Murphy
Location: Gallen 108

Lent Madness Saints

Leader: Forward Movement
Location: Bartley 2045

Pass the WORD: Create a bracelet

Leader: Emily Gowdy Canady
Location: Farley 004

Sharing Our Faith Stories

Leader: Teri Valente
Location: Jbarry 213

The Mobile Filmmaker

Leader: Alex Haralson
Location: Mendel 101

The Art of Healing and Truth-Telling for young adults

Leader: Becca Stevens
Location: Connelly Cinema

The Challenge

Leader: Mitzi George
Location: Mendel 258

To Confirm or Not to Confirm

Leader: Lisa Kimball
Location: Bartley 034

Using Legos to Build the Kingdom

Leader: Amy Campbell
Location: Bartley 2045

Water, Water Everywhere (or not?)

Leader: Stephanie Johnson
Location: White 116

Youth Led Ministry

Leader: John Palarine
Location: Mendel 115