Workshops: Saturday, 3:15 pm

Backyard Broadcast Sex Trafficking

Leader: Madison Palmer
Location: Mendel 256

Rites of Passage: The Way Forward

Leader: Angela Ifill
Location: Bartley 027A

Challenging Violence in our Communities

Leader: Bishop Jim Curry
Location: Mendel 101

Come and See the New Honduras- “When Helping Hurts”

Leader: Lura Kaval
Location: White 221

Communities of Relational Service

Leader: John Owens
Location Dougherty East Lounge

Episcopal Youth at the United Nations: Finding Our Voices

Leader: Lynnaia
Location: Mendel 115

Faith in College

Leader: Mike Angell
Location: Jbarry 211

Feeding the 5001: Jesus as a leader of leaders

Leader: Matt Marino
Location: Jbarry 201A

Grill the Presiding Bishop

Leader: Katharine Jefferts Schori
Location: Connelly Cinema

Healthy Relationships

Leader: Wes Wubbenborst
Location: Farley 004

Helping Teens Connect their Faith to their Day to Day Lives

Leader: Holly Stoner
Location: White 218

In It to End It: Shining a light on Modern Day Slavery & Engaging in the Fight for Freedom

Leader: Teri Valente
Location: Jbarry 213

Indigenous Musical Instruments, Chants and Dances

Leader: Leonard Oakes
Location: Farley 108

Irish Dancing: Identity and Culture in Movement

Leader: Allison Duvall
Location: Garey 10A

It’s Happening…Spiritual Awaking for Youth

Leader: Krisan Lamberti
Location: Jbarry 202B

LGBTQ Youth: Why and how the church can be welcoming

Leader: Eric Travis
Location: Bartley 2073

Lent Madness Saints

Leader: Forward Movement
Location: Bartley 2045

Praying in Color

Leader: Amy Haynie
Location: Gallen 108

To Confirm or Not to Confirm

Leader: Lisa Kimball
Location: Bartley 2044

The Challenge

Leader: Mitzi George
Location: Mendel 258

Thistle Farms & Magdalene House

Leader: Christy Bealsley
Location: Mendel 102

United Thank Offering: Engaging Mission, Service & Prayer

Leader: Heather Melton
Location: Bertley 2074

Using Legos to Build the Kingdom

Leader: Amy Campbell
Location: Bartley 2044

Young Adult Service Corps

Leader: Grace Flint
Location: Jbarry 201B